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Italian Culture  

Celebrities & Famous Italians - Page 4

Columbus, Christopher
Born: Genoa, Italy
b. 1451 d. 1506
Occupation: Explorer
Como, Pierino 'Perry'
Born: Canonsburg, PA
b. 1912
Occupation: Singer
Cooper, Pasquale 'Pat' (Caputo)
Born: New York, NY
b. 1930
Occupation: Comedian
Coppola, Francis
Born: Detroit, MI
b. 1939
Occupation: Director
Corelli, Arcangelo
b. 1653 d. 1713
Occupation: Composer
Corregio, Antonio
b. 1494 d. 1534
Occupation: Painter
Costello, Louis 'Lou'
Born: Paterson, NJ
b. 1906 d. 1959
Occupation: Actor
Crenna, Richard
Born: Los Angeles, CA
b. 1927
Occupation: Actor
Cuomo, Mario
Occupation: Politician
D'Onofrio, Vincent
Born: Brooklyn, NY
b. 1959
Occupation: Actor, Producer
da Vinci, Leonardo
b. 1452 d. 1519
Occupation: Author
Damone, Vito 'Vic' (Farinola)
Born: Brooklyn, NY
b. 1928
Occupation: Actor
Dante (Alighieri)
Born: Florence, Italy
b. 1265 d. 1321
Occupation: Poet
Danza, Tony
Born: Brooklyn, NY
b. 1951
Occupation: Actor
Darin, Walden 'Bobby' (Cassotto)
Born: Bronx, NY
b. 1936 d. 1973
Occupation: Singer/Actor
De Niro, Robert
Born: New York, NY
b. 1943
Occupation: Actor
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