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Italian Culture  

Celebrities & Famous Italians - Page 5

De Palma, Brian
Born: Newark, NJ
b. 1940
Occupation: Director, Screenwriter
De Vito, Danny
Born: Neptune, NJ
b. 1944
Occupation: Actor
DeSica, Vittorio
Born: Scra, Italy
b. 1901 d. 1974
Occupation: Director
DiCaprio, Leonardo
Born: Los Angeles, CA
b. 1974
Occupation: Actor
Dickerson, Lewis 'Buttercup' (Pessano)
Born: Tyaskin, MD
b. 1858
Occupation: Athlete
DiMaggio, Joseph
Born: Martine, CA
b. 1914
Occupation: Athlete
Born: Florence, Italy
b. 1386 d. 1466
Occupation: Sculptor
Evangelista, Linda
Occupation: Model
Fabio (Lanzoni)
b. 1961
Occupation: Model
Farentino, James
Born: Brooklyn, NY
b. 1938
Occupation: Actor
Fermi, Enrico
Born: Rome, Italy
b. 1901 d. 1954
Occupation: Scientist
Ferrari, Enzo
Born: Modena, Italy
b. 1898 d. 1988
Occupation: Auto Racer
Ferraro, Geraldine
Occupation: Politician
Fibonacci, Leonardo
Born: Pisa, Italy
b. 1170 d. 1250
Occupation: Mathematician
Fonda, Henry
Born: Grand Island, NE
b. 1905 d. 1982
Occupation: Actor
Fra Angelo
b. 1400 d. 1455
Occupation: Painter
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