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Italian Culture  

Celebrities & Famous Italians - Page 13

Sara, Mia (Sarapocciello)
Born: Brooklyn Heights, NY
b. 1967
Occupation: Actress
Sarandon, Susan (Tomaling)
Born: New York, NY
b. 1946
Occupation: Actress
Sarto, Andrea (del Sarto)
Born: Florence, Italy
b. 1486 d. 1531
Occupation: Artist
Scacchi, Greta
Born: Milan, Italy
b. 1960
Occupation: Actor
Scalia, Jack
Born: Brooklyn, NY
b. 1951
Occupation: Actor
Scarfiotti, Lodovico
b. 1933 d. 1968
Occupation: Car Racer
Scarlatti, Allessandro
b. 1660 d. 1725
Occupation: Composer
Sciorra, Annabella
Born: Wethersville, CT
b. 1964
Occupation: Actor
Scorsese, Martin
Born: Queens, NY
b. 1942
Occupation: Director
Sinatra, Francis
Born: Hoboken, NJ
b. 1915
Occupation: Singer, Actor
Sombrotto, Johnny
Born: Queens, NY
b. 1956 d. 1998
Occupation: Musician
Sorvino, Mira
Born: Tenafly, NJ
b. 1970
Occupation: Actress
Spontini, Gasparo
Born: Majolati, Italy
b. 1774 d. 1851
Occupation: Composer
Stallone, Sylvester
Born: New York, NY
b. 1946
Occupation: Actor
Stella, Frank
Occupation: Artist
Stradavari, Antonio
Born: Cremona, Italy
b. 1644 d. 1737
Occupation: Violin Constructor
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