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Italian Culture  

Celebrities & Famous Italians - Page 14

Tarantino, Quentin
Born: Knoxville, TN
b. 1963
Occupation: Director
Tassoni, Alessandro
b. 1565 d. 1635
Occupation: Poet
Tiepolo, Giovanni
Born: Venice, Italy
b. 1696 d. 1770
Occupation: Painter
Tintoretto (Robusti)
Born: Venice, Italy
b. 1518 d. 1594
Occupation: Painter
Titian, Tiziano (Vecelli)
Born: Preve, Italy
b. 1477 d. 1576
Occupation: Painter
Tomei, Marisa
Born: Brooklyn, NY
b. 1964
Occupation: Actress
Torricelli, Evangelista
b. 1608 d. 1647
Occupation: Scientist
Toscanini, Arturo
Born: Parma, Italy
b. 1867 d. 1957
Occupation: Conductor
Travolta, John
Born: Englewood, NJ
b. 1954
Occupation: Actor
Troisi, Massimo
Born: San Giorgio, Italy
b. 1953 d. 1994
Occupation: Actor
Turturro, John
Born: Brooklyn, NY
b. 1957
Occupation: Actor
Tyler, Steven (Tallarico)
Born: New York, NY
b. 1948
Occupation: Musician/Actor
Vai, Steve
Born: Long Island, NY
b. 1960
Occupation: Musician
Valentino, Rudolph (d'Antonguella)
Born: Castellaneta, Italy
b. 1895 d. 1926
Occupation: Actor
Valli, Frankie (Castelluccio)
Born: Newark, NJ
b. 1937
Occupation: Actor
Verdi, Giuseppe
b. 1813 d. 1901
Occupation: Composer
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