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Vital/Census Records  

Province of Lucca

When writing to Italy for records, be sure to be as specific as possible, including full names, dates, and the specific record you want. Do NOT include a lengthly description of why you want the documents. If you do not have specifics, you should hire a professional researcher, otherwise your request will probably never be replied to.

Comune di Lucca
Via S. Giustina
Palazzo Orsetti
55100 Lucca
[ What to ask for ] [ A sample letter ]

Archivio di Stato di Lucca
p. Guidiccioni, 8
55100 Lucca
[ What to ask for ] [ A sample letter ]

Search in Lucca

Type a name (or partial name) of the comune to search for an exact match.

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Famous People from Lucca

Luigi Boccherini (musician, 1743-1805), Giacomo Puccini (musician, 1858-1924), Francesco Carrara (jurist, 1805-1888), Matteo Civitali (sculptor and architect, 1436-1501), Bonagiunta Orbiciani (poet, 1230-1300).

Online Photo Gallery

If you have a scanned photo image in this province and would like to share it with others, please e-mail it to us as an attachment. Be sure to include the city, province and region of the photo, along with a short description.

Professional Research

 • Research in Lucca available from My Italian Family
   Provider of research services in Italy.

Folding Maps of Italy

 • Map of Lucca available from Our Heritage
   Scale 1:100.000, 58cm H x 74cm W

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