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Research Services  

Illinois Research

Please feel free to request a NO-obligation ESTIMATE by e-mail from this professional researcher.

The following information is provided by Chicago Genealogy and Family History Research Services, active researchers for over 14 years.

Read Laura's articles: "Chicago’s Italian Catholic Churches", "Family Health Histories", "Compiling a Health History for Your Italian Ancestors" and her latest Dissecting Death Certificates.

Our Services

Chicago and Cook Co. Research including collar counties of Will, DuPage, Illinois and Lake Co. Indiana.

  1. Newberry Library,
  2. LDS,
  3. Chicago Historical Society,
  4. National Archives.
  5. Vital records,
  6. probate,
  7. property and land records,
  8. cemetery,
  9. newspapers,
  10. obituaries,
  11. Historical background research,
  12. Ethnic groups and neighborhoods.

Specialized Services

  • ITALO-SEARCH: Italian Family History and Genealogy.
  • MED-SEARCH: Medical Family History and Genealogy Services.

    If you decide to mail us for an estimate, please provide a legal-sized, self-addressed and stamped envelope.

    Laura DeBartolo Heidekrueger
    Chicago Genealogy and Family History Research Services
    224 Ruth Street
    Calumet City, Illinois, 60409

    "I can find that little known fact that will make your family history a treasure for generations."

    Member of the Association of Professional Genealogists.



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