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Passenger Lists  

Directory of Passenger Ship Arrivals

Your family history within a country begins when your first ancestor arrived. Passenger manifests can help bridge your research between the family homeland and the country they immigrated to.

Some arrivals are linked to passenger lists published elsewhere on the Internet. These lists were compiled by various researchers, not by this site. If you have questions about the information contained in a list, send it to the individual that prepared the list. Or, contact the webmaster of the site hosting the list.

Search by Vessel

Search for arrivals pertaining to the ship your ancestors arrived on. If you are not sure what the name is, try to search by U.S. port and year.


Hint: Use key words to find all the variations of the ship name for which you are looking.
(Example: America instead of Cunard Lines SS America)

U.S. Port: Year:

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Additional Sites

We recommend the following sites for even more passenger lists:



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