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Names from G

Names of Boys from G

Gadhadhar: Lord Vishnu holding a mace

Gandiva: The bow of Arjuna

Gangesha: Lord of Ganga. A Name for Shiva

Gangeya: Son of river Ganga i.e Bheeshma

Gannon: The God of Silence

Gati: Speed

Gauranga: Name of Vishnu

Gauresh: A Name of Lord Shiva.

Gaurisuta: Son Of Gauri. Lord Ganesha

Gayan: Singing, The Sky


Geet: song

Gopalapriya: Lover Of Cowherds. Lord Krishna

Great Hunter in Greek Mythology

Guna: Bestowed with Qualities

Gunagya: Knower of Virtues

Gunina: Lord Of all virtues. Lord Ganesha

Gurmukh: From the word 'Gurmukhi' which is the script used for the Punjabi Language. It means words that have been uttered by the Gurus.


Guruttam: the Greatest Teacher. Lord Vishnu



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