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Names from P

Names of Boys from P

Padmahasta: Lotus-Handed. Lord Krishan

Paksha: Symbolising the Phases of the moon.

Pallav: A Budding Leaf

Pallieter: One who Enjoys Life


Panchavaktra: Five Faced. A Name for Lord Hanuman

Pankajalochana: Lotus Eyed. Lord Krishna

Paras: A Miraculous Stone from Stone in Indian Mythology which turns anything it touches into Gold.

Paras: The 23rd Jain Tirthankara

Parasme: Most Superior. A name for Lord Rama

Parasme: Most Superior.A Name for Lord Rama

Paratpara: Greatest of The Greats.A Name for Lord Rama

Paresha: Lord of The Lords. A Name for Lord Rama

Paris: Love and Happiness

Parth: Arjun

Pegasus: A Winged force from Greek Mythology.

Philippa: A Greek name meaning Lover of Horses.

Phoenix: Mythical Bird of Fire

Poseidon: The Ocean God

Prabhave: Popular Lord. A Name for Lord Hanuman

Pradyumn: The Son of Krishna

Pragnya: Scholar. A Name for Lord Hanuman


Pramukh: Main

Pranava: The Mystic Syllable 'Om'

Praneel: A Name for Lord Shiva. A Combination of 2 names of Lord Shiva namely Prasannanjeneya and Neelakantha.

Prerit: The Inspired One

Pribhakta: Favourite Of The Devotees. A Name for Lord Shiva

Priforce: flying unicorn, force

Purohit: A Brahmin Priest



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