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All of the Canadian cemeteries are listed alphabetically by state/territory, and can be searched by name. You can also jump from any page to any other region in Canada using the links on this page.

Canadian Provinces & Territories

[Alberta Cemeteries]
[British Columbia Cemeteries]
[Manitoba Cemeteries]
[New Brunswick Cemeteries]
[Newfoundland Cemeteries]
[Northwest Territories Cemeteries]
[Nova Scotia Cemeteries]
[Ontario Cemeteries]
[Prince Edward Island Cemeteries]
[Quebec Cemeteries]
[Saskatchewan Cemeteries]
[Yukon Territory Cemeteries]

Missing Canadian Cemeteries

If you know of a Canadian cemetery that is not listed in our directory, please fill out our online form. New listings will appear in the search feature immediately.

Acadian and Cajun Heritage

Providing historical information and lineage-linked CD-ROMs produced by noted genealogist Yvon Cyr.

Canadian Cemetery Assistance

If you find the cemetery you're looking for, but want more information, try contacting the local society. They might know the whole history about the cemetery, including whether or not it still exists!




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