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Genealogy Chat  

Weekly Genealogy Chat

Genealogy is My Hobby "I have been researching my roots online for many years and would love to help you find your elusive ancestors both online and off. Stop in and introduce yourself! All are welcome." - Pam Middleton-Lee

Would you like to start exploring your family tree or further extend your past findings?

Join some avid genealogists who have been researching their roots online for many years, and are available to share their resources and information with all who stop by and visit.

Every Wednesday evening at 9:30pm Eastern (6:30pm Pacific) time several genealogists arrive at the FolksOnline chat area and spend anywhere from one to two hours answering questions and talking about their success stories.

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If you would like to suggest and/or co-host a special topic please send Illya an email with your ideas!

Fill out the form below, click on the "enter" button and you will taken directly* to the FolksOnline chat area.

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*NOTE: You must have a Java capable browser, OR you can access the room using any IRC chat software at: port 6667 #FolksOnline



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