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Coat of Arms  

Links to Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms Sample This heraldry database of over 500 sites is provided to help you find Internet web sites with coat of arms information about the surnames you are researching.

Surname Search

Search for your own surname and see if anyone has found the coat of arms and posted it on a web site.


Recommended Books - available from AMAZON.COM

Heraldry: 1. The study or art of tracing genealogies, of determining, designing, and granting coats of arms, and of ruling on questions of rank or protocol. 2. Armorial ensigns or devices.

The bottom line: This developed out of the basic need for a bunch of men dressed up in metal suits to distinguish themselves. They wore decorative "coats" over the armor. Find out more in our article, Understanding the Basics.

Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry

Use Pimbley's Dictionary of Heraldry or one of the other dictionaries or glossaries listed to identify the various charges and symbols found on coats of arms.



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