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Italian Immigration  

Italian Surnames to America 1850-1930

This is NOT an index of the popular series, "Italians to America". Rather it is an index of Italian immigrant surnames from various passenger lists. 1850 to 1930 is a significant period because this was a peak time for Italian immigration to the United States. 17 million immigrants had their first contact with the United States on Ellis Island.

Many Italians who came to America settled on the East Coast where they opened stores and restaurants featuring foods from home, their neighborhoods often called "Little Italy." The first Italian immigrant to America was Christopher Columbus.

Surname Search

Search for your own ITALIAN surname and see if there is a match in one of the ship manifests we have indexed.

Note: Spaces have been removed from surnames than have a De, Di, La or Lo prefix. For example, if you are trying to find 'La Rosa', then enter 'Larosa'.

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Additional Immigration Sites

We recommend the following sites for even more Italian immigration:



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