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 Quick Facts
Capital: Columbus
Entered Union: 1803 (17th state)
Nickname: Buckeye State

State Bird: Cardinal
State Flower: Scarlet carnation
State Web Site:

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United States  

Ohio Obituaries

Our collection of Ohio obituaries is expanded regularly as volunteer contributors transcribe citations. You can help other researchers by taking a few minutes each day to pick up your local or county paper and enter citations for the obituaries. We also have many volunteers that transcribe obituary information from the newspaper archives at their local library.

Search by Name

Enter a last name (i.e. surname) and search through the Ohio newspapers citations already indexed.


Or, if you would like to contribute obituaries, first locate your local or county newspaper listing in the directory.

Why Citations? Where's The Rest of the Obit?

To avoid violating the copyright protection exercised by many newspapers over complete obituaries, our database simply cites the individual, date of death, age at death, newspaper name, date of paper and page of citation. We attach a link to the newspaper website (when available) so you can contact them directly to obtain the full obituary.

Newspaper Directory

Browse through our listing of Ohio newspapers and access their online obituary archives. Included in our directory are highlights of genealogy columns published in each paper. To add an obituary citation, locate the newspaper listing and then click on "Add Obituary".

Additional Ohio Sources

Below are links to Ohio sites that have uploaded state or county obituaries. If you would like us to include a link to your obituary page(s), complete this form.

  • Adams County Obituaries and Death Notices
  • Allen County Obituaries
  • Ashland County Obituaries
  • Athens County Obituaries
  • Auglaize County Obituaries
  • Belmont County Obituaries
  • Brown County Obituaries
  • Butler County Obituaries
  • Carroll County Obituaries
  • Central States Obituary Search Engine
  • Champaign County Obituaries A-L
  • Champaign County Obituaries M-Z
  • Columbiana County Obituaries
  • Coshocton County Obituaries
  • Crawford County Obituaries From Other Areas
  • Crawford County Obituaries
  • Cuyahoga County Obituaries
  • Darke County Obituaries
  • Dayton Newspaper and Obituary Index
  • Early Fulton County Obituaries
  • Fairfield County Obituaries
  • Fayette Co., Ohio - Obituaries
  • Geauga County Obituary Page
  • Genealogy in Logan County Obituaries
  • Guernsey County Obituaries
  • Hardin County Obituary Index
  • Highland County Obituaries
  • Huron County Obituaries
  • Index of Obituaries from Butler County, Ohio
  • Index to Clark County Obituaries
  • Jackson County Obituaries and Death Notices
  • Jefferson County Obituaries
  • Lawrence County Obituaries
  • Lawrence County Obituary Index 1850-1900
  • Lawrence County Obituary Index 1900-1930
  • Lawrence County Obituary Index 1998
  • Lawrence County Obituary Index 1999
  • Lawrence County Obituary Index 2000
  • Licking County Obituaries
  • Linda D.'s Allen County, OH Obituaries
  • Madison County Obituaries
  • Marilyn's DCHS-DCGS Index Page
  • Medina County Obituary Index 1997
  • Meigs County Obituaries
  • Miscellaneous Fostoria Obituaries
  • Montgomery County Obituaries
  • Muskingum County, OH Obituaries
  • Newcomerstown Obituaries 1898-1909
  • Newcomerstown Obituaries 1910-1919
  • Newcomerstown Obituaries 1920-1929
  • Noble County Obituaries
  • Northwest Ohio Bits
  • Perry County Obituaries
  • Pickaway County Obituaries
  • Pike County Obituaries
  • Pike County Obituary and Death Notices
  • Portage County Obituaries
  • Richland County Ohio Obituaries
  • Ross County Obituary and Death Notices
  • Rutherford B. Hayes Library Obituary Index
  • Sandusky County Obituaries
  • Scioto County Obituaries
  • Scioto County Obituary and Death Notices
  • Seneca Co. Obituary Index
  • Seneca County Ohio Obituaries
  • Snyder Funeral Home Obituaries
  • Stark County Obituaries and Death Records
  • Summit County Obituaries
  • The Delaware Gazette Obituaries
  • The Granville Times 1880-1941
  • Versailles Area and Surrounding Communities
  • Washington County Obituaries
  • Wayne County Public Library Obituary Search

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