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1880 Federal Census
Ancestor Quest Passenger Lists
Army War College
CLIO - National Archives Information Server, The
Cook Memorial Public Library's Genealogy Pages
Denver Public Library
Dayna's Southern Genealogy Page
Frequently Occurring Names in America--The 1990 Census shows 88,000+ surnames. Smith is #1; how does yours rank?
Genealogical Home Pages of Dutch families listed alphabetically by Surname/Familyname. Also containing links to interesting sites for further genealogic research.
Info Service, The - genealogy links, surnames and wills. Lots of great material.
J-GEMS - The Jewish Genealogical Exploration Guide for Manitoba and Saskatchewan
Library of Virginia, The
Link Site
Maine State Library
Master Index to presidents Genealogical Data
Milwaukee Urban Archives
National Archives and Records Administration.
National Genealogical Society
National Library of Australia
National Library of Canada
Newberry Guide to Topics in Genealogy
Newberry Library of Chicago, IL
New York State Library--Genealogy
Northern Territory Library (Australia)
Ogdensburg Public Library
On-line Search for Maiden Names
On the Trail of Our Ancestors - Ships' Lists, Cemetery Lists, Muster Rolls, Dutch Research Corner, Mennonite Research Corner and More!
Royal and Noble Genealogical Data on the Web
State Library of New South Wales - Family History Service
State Library of South Australia
State Library of Tasmania Home Page
State Library of Victoria - Genealogy Centre
U.S. Bureau of Census
U.S. Gazeteer
USGS Geographic Names Database
U.S. Library of Congress (Gopher Search)
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
Vickers Family Resource Page
Virginia County Interactive Mapper Map Creation Form, The--Make your own maps!
Guide to Genealogy on the World Wide Web
Your Past Connections

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