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Australia is the 6th largest country in the world and is only slightly smaller than the U.S. Before the British arrival in 1770, the continent was inhabited by the native Aborigines. The continent was first discovered and explored in the 1620's by the Dutch, and later claimed by Captain Cook for the British Empire. The British formally arrived in 1788 and founded a penal colony in what is now Sydney, Hobart, and Brisbane.

Gold was discovered in 1851 which led to a rapid increase in free men immigrating to Australia. Convicts were no longer transported to Australia in 1868. In 1901 the 6 colonies which made up the continent agreed to federate as the Commonwealth of Australia. Since then the country has enjoyed growth and stability. Since WWII Australia has developed close ties with the U.S., and is active in global politics

All of the Australian societies are listed alphabetically by state/territory, and can be searched by name. You can also jump from any page to any other region in Australia using the quick index on the right.

Australian States & Territories

[Australia Capital Territory Historical Societies]
[New South Wales Historical Societies]
[Norfolk Island Historical Societies]
[Northern Territory Historical Societies]
[Queensland Historical Societies]
[South Australia Historical Societies]
[Tasmania Historical Societies]
[Victoria Historical Societies]
[Western Australia Historical Societies]

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National Australian Societies

Royal Australian Historical Society
133 Macquarie Street,
Sydney, 2000

Australian National University Historical Society
PO Box 112,
Canberra, 2600

Library of Australian History
PO Box 795,
North Sydney, 2059

Federation of Australian Historical Societies
PO Box 40,
Civic Square, Canberra, 2608





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