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This list of over 70 free resources includes places where you can download free charts, forms, and software.

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There are also sites that offer free online courses in genealogy, or free web hosting services for your family tree, others offer online calculators and helpful guides.

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Local Societies  

Expanding Your Listing

The Internet offers local and regional societies with countless opportunities to expand their memberships and serve a larger global community. In March of 1998, Society Hill began providing complimentary listings to all societies.

Here is an example of the free listings:

     New Providence Historical Society
     1350 Springfield Ave.
     New Providence 07974

Now we would like to help your society even more.

If your organization is not prepared to manage a web page of its own and have been thinking about sharing your society's activities on the Internet; we have a solution.

For a nominal fee, we will prepare and manage your information as part of our online directory. We have two options for you to consider.

  1. Triple-Size Listing
  2. Full Page Listing

We think both of our options provide a cost-effective solution to expanding your membership. These are also great opportunities to sell your society's publications!

Place your order today!



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