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There are also sites that offer free online courses in genealogy, or free web hosting services for your family tree, others offer online calculators and helpful guides.

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Historical Magazines

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America's Civil War

America's Civil War delivers information about the Civil War's most famous leaders and battles. Each issue features historic photographs, front-line drawings, battle maps, and eye-witness accounts. Readers will also find details about the strategy, tactics, battles, people, and families involved in this war.

American Heritage

American Heritage is a magazine that explores and illuminates aspects of the American past: great heros and scoundrels, popular music and high art, our grandest national impulses and, occasionally, our basest. Each bimonthly issue is a fascinating, highly-detailed survey of Americans' shared heritage. The magazine entertains while showing how the nation got where it is — and where it may be going. Fascinating modern and historical photographs enliven the pages of American Heritage.

American History

American History contains expertly researched articles, galleries of period photos and full-color reproductions of paintings, posters, banners, flags, and artifacts can all be found in the pages of American History. The magazine also offers book news, reviews, history updates, and information about museum exhibitions.

Civil War Times Illustrated

Civil War Times Illustrated takes readers inside the strategies, tactics, skirmishes, and twists of fate that changed the course of events during the war. Articles cover the battles, the politics, and the key figures involved in American's Civil War. Each issue also features the diaries, letters, journals, maps, and fading photographs of the unsung people of the North and South.

For additional History magazines, please visit the web site.

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